February 25th

Four universities working with Institut Curie ranked among the best in the world

This excellent ranking rewards the daily work of academics involved in Institut Curie's hospital and research teams.

PSL has been recognized as the best university under 50 years old at the international level by the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking of young universities. Published on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, it also ranks Sorbonne University 12th, with Paris-Saclay and Université de Paris tied for 18th

"Institut Curie has been an associate member of PSL since 2019 and these universities are partners or co-supervisors of ten of the thirteen joint research units at the Research Center. This excellent result reinforces our training strategy, which I remind you is the third mission of Institut Curie, along with research and care. I would like to thank all those who contributed to this collective success," said Professor Alain Puisieux, Director of the Research Center.

"I would particularly like to congratulate the academic hospital practitioners who work daily for patients within the Hospital Group, while ensuring that knowledge is passed on to the younger generations. The training of future doctors and healthcare personnel is an essential lever in the fight against cancer," adds Prof. Steven Le Gouill, director of the Hospital Group.

At Institut Curie, more than 30 staff members are both lecturers and researchers, hospital practitioners and caregivers affiliated with Paris-Saclay (which now includes the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin - UVSQ), Sorbonne University, the Université de Paris or PSL; they teach courses, supervise students and carry out their activities at the Research Center or at the Hospital Group.

"These high rankings encourage us to continue our commitment to providing high-quality training to all our students and PhD students," says Graça Raposo, Director of Advanced Training at Institut Curie’s Research Center.

"We owe it to our students, of course, but also to our patients, who will ultimately be the first to benefit from it," continues Prof. François Doz, Director of Advanced Training for Institut Curie’s Hospital Group.

This is the first time that a French university, PSL, has taken first place in this international ranking of universities under 50 years old, followed closely in the top 20 by Sorbonne University ranked 12th, Paris-Saclay and Université de Paris in 18th position.

This ranking, published on February 15, 2022, recognizes the quality of expertise and teaching according to several criteria, such as the number of students, the ratio of women to men, the proportion of foreign students and the ratio of employees (Learn more)

Opening up to the French and international academic world is a strong institutional strategy. It helps to promote the excellence of the projects carried out and the expertise of the know-how to the young people who will be the cancer researchers of tomorrow and to the international scientific and medical community.