Resident internship

Discover below how to do a resident internship.

The Hospital Group at Institut Curie is fully dedicated to cancer patients and its activities are closely linked to those of the Research Center. Residents/DES students are accommodated in the specialty departments at the Paris site of Institut Curie and at René Huguenin hospital in Saint-Cloud.

They follow training in various fields of oncology in a position of responsibility, but also shadow experienced physicians caring for patients, and undergo immersion in multi-disciplinary practice, involving all clinical and medical-technical services and departments.

In addition they acquire specific theoretical training in the services/departments, and benefit from the environment at Institut Curie where they can attend a variety of lectures and take part in meetings between researchers and physicians.

A resident internship can also be an opportunity to interact with researchers and research teams to discuss or prepare for additional training through research.

A PhD funding for a 3-year science thesis (for M2 holders) is available for physicians and pharmacists interested in this type of training.

Opening of bids: April 16, 2018

Deadline for applications: May 31, 2018