An exceptional campus

3 complementary locations

The Research Center is located on the rue d’Ulm in Paris on the former premises of the Institut du Radium, the first laboratory headed by Marie Curie, and extends to Orsay on the Paris-Saclay university campus.

It was in this laboratory, today at the heart of the Curie Museum, that Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radioactivity of Polonium and Radium in 1898. 

In 1922, the first clinic was created and formed the basis of the Paris hospital. Since then, the Hospital Group has also acquired a proton therapy center at Orsay and has stepped up its accommodation and treatment capacities with the René-Huguenin hospital at Saint-Cloud.

Thanks to the complementary nature of its sites, Institut Curie pursues the 3 missions initiated by Marie Curie, which are patient care, research and training.