Who we are

The Institut Curie prioritizes training, which helps advance research and medicine by actively integrating new knowledge acquired both in France and abroad.


Institut Curie is a private foundation created in 1909 by Nobel Laureate Marie Curie. As a leading player in the fight against cancer, it brings together an internationally renowned Research Centre and an advanced Hospital Group that provides care for all types of cancer  including the rarest forms.

Embracing a crossdisciplinary approach drives the discovery of more effective treatments and leads to improved care for patients.

By investing in education and supporting mentoring, we fuel our 87 research teams and 2 hospitals with creativity and expertise, thereby promoting innovative research on all fronts.

Altogether, Institut Curie’s staff, comprising no less than 70 nationalities, invested more than 12,000 hours/year on education and training both on campus and around the globe.

Our values

Whether in caring for patients, training students or passing on know-how and experience, the Research Center and the Hospital Group are joining forces to improve patient care and beat cancer. A team spirit and altruistic skill are values deeply rooted in the Training department and are shared by all its members.