Medical and paramedical courses

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University Postgraduate Oncology Diplomas are organized by Institut Curie Hospital departments in collaboration with various french universities:

Medical Students:

Institut Curie's medical departments offer medical students from Paris Descartes and Erasmus students hands-on training (3 months length) as well as weekly lectures in oncology  to prepare for the national classifying examination (ECN).

Online courses for Residents:

Institut Curie offers several online courses for residents, most of which are mandatory for on-call residents.

If you are a resident at Institut Curie you will receive an email on your address @ a few days after your arrival informing you that you have access to the platform on:

In addition, residents benefit from theoretical training in the various departments where they are rotating as well as from Institute Curie's environment, with a large offer of research and medical seminars.

Paramedical Courses:

Nursing students are hosted in the departments of the Hospital Group and trained to specialize in oncology. Nursing courses in oncology are regularly organized by the Department of Care such as courses for district nurses in partnership with the CNAM, and courses on wounds and healing in oncology. Students in other paramedical professions are also hosted in Institut Curie hospital group: medical physicists, radiotherapy or imaging manipulators, physiotherapists.