Doing your MASTER research project at Institut Curie

You are a master1 student and you want to pursue your Master2 at Institut Curie? Please find below all information.

Internship in a research team

Each year around fifty master’s program students affiliated with various partner universities do their training within our laboratories. If you are interested in an internship at the Research Center, contact the team of your choice directly and/or consult their offers posted on the partner university sites.

M2 Grants for MDs, PharmDs, and other healthcare Professionals

Since 2010, Institut Curie grants have been awarded to Residents or Assistants wishing to undergo a Master 2 in a laboratory at the Research Center or the transfer department. These grants are awarded following a selection by an expert committee comprising physicians and researchers. Please note that medical students are not eligible.

Requested documents

The candidate should provide in collaboration with her/his future supervisor:

  • A letter of motivation for the project (one page, in english) )
  • A CV
  • University grade transcripts. If not available upon submission, the transcripts might be requested prior to the contract signature.
  • MD diploma and medical speciality diploma (if already awarded)
  • at least 1 letter of recommendation from a previous supervisor, (MD or researcher)
  • A summary of the thesis project (max 2 pages, in english)
  • A short CV of the future supervisor
  • An acceptance letter from the hosting lab director, including the type of interview conducted with the candidate (meeting, phone, etc.)
  • An acceptance letter of the clinician partner of the project, if applicable

Opening of the call: April 16, 2020

Deadline for applications: June 15, 2020

Click HERE for the application form