Hospital student intership

Discover below how to do an internship at Institut Curie as a hospital student.

The Hospital Group at Institut Curie is fully dedicated to cancer patients, and its activities are closely linked to those of the Research Center. The students of the Paris Descartes Medical school are accommodated at the Paris site of Institut Curie, and the students from Versailles Saint-Quentin university are at René Huguenin hospital in Saint-Cloud.

Each year around 110 hospital students follow training in various fields of oncology by shadowing experienced physicians caring for patients, and by immersion in multi-disciplinary practice involving all clinical and medical-technical services and departments.

Students also attend weekly classes on oncological topics from the national competitive exam (ECN) and classes on “interdisciplinary” topics such as imaging and caregiver-patient relations.

Hospital student internship at Institut Curie can also be an opportunity to interact with research teams to discuss or prepare for additional training through research.