The scientific and medical teams

"By working together, pooling our resources and building on our strengths, we can accomplish great things" - Ronald Reagan

The scientific teams

The 86 research teams at Institut Curie are spread among 13 units, including a translational research department.

Their work revolves around 4 cutting edge scientific fields specializing in oncology:

  • Radiation biology and chemistry, cell signaling and cancer
  • Development, cancer, genetics and epigenetics
  • Integrative tumor biology, immunology and environment
  • Multiscale physics, chemistry, biology and cancer studies


The medical teams

They are organized into 10 departments:

  • Department of Oncological Surgery
  • Department of Medical Oncology
  • Department of Oncological Radiotherapy
  • SIREDO Oncology center (Treatment, Innovation, Research, Cancer in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults)
  • Department of Anesthesia, ICU and Pain Management
  • Interdisciplinary department for Supportive patient care in Oncology
  • Department of Medical Imaging
  • Diagnostic and Theranostic Medicine division
  • Pharmacy department
  • Radio-Pharmacology department