Key figures

658 Young researchers
313 residents and hospital students
79 nationalities represented
86 research teams
10 medical departments
190 clinical trials
10 high-priority medical-scientific programs
* 2016 figures

 At the Research Center

The Research Center has 1,100 employees, more than 50% of whom are involved in teaching for young researchers and physicians at Institut Curie.

Among them 119 are authorized to oversee research, 19 are university professors and 25 are lecturers.

Each year over 14,000 hours of teaching are given by Institut Curie staff, either within the foundation or elsewhere.

The main audience of the teaching comprises 685 young researchers from the foundation as follows:

  • 140 Master program students
  • 245 PhD students
  • 300 post-docs

We also have 20 junior teams fully integrated into the 86 research teams who can obtain support from a variety of platforms.


At the hospital

The two hospital centers and the proton therapy center have 2,200 employees concentrated in 10 medical departments who put all their efforts into treating almost 14,700 patients each year and offer over 142,330 consultations.

Currently more than 310 residents and hospital students are training to treat cancer patients.



Ten high-priority medical-scientific programs have been established at the highest level and are being applied to improve the performance and influence of Institut Curie.

Clinical research has always played a central role at Institut Curie: currently 190 clinical trials are in progress and a data production, analysis, storage and sharing department was created in 2017.

Institut Curie is recognized for its ability to innovate and apply scientific progress at the patient’s bedside, and has a number of certifications to support this:

  • “Direction de la recherche clinique et de l’innovation (DRCI)” certification, issued by the French ministry for health, awarded for its clinical-trial promotion activities
  • “Centre de Recherche clinique (CRC)” certification, issued by the ministry for its investigative activities
  • “Centre d’essais cliniques de phase précoce (CLIP²)” certification from INCa, for early-phase trials in adults and children
  • SiRIC certification, integrated cancer research site, also under the auspices of INCa
  • Institut Carnot Curie Cancer” certification concerning innovation and interaction with industrial partners.