April 20th
Career Development Course

Storytelling your research experience and skills




  • Ice-breaking activity to build a group dynamic
  • What recruiters expect from PhDs: what assets? How to demonstrate them?

Presenting your research experience

  • How to present your research topic effectively
  • Practice “Presenting your research project to a non-expert in 2 minutes”: individual preparation, presentation in small groups, feedback in plenum


Identifying your skills and demonstrating them by storytelling

  • PhD transferable and personal skills & achievements
  • DocPro, an online skills portfolio for PhDs

Presentation of the DocPro tool and its different uses: practicing for the recruitment process, communication and online visibility

How to build your skills portfolio

  • Convincing recruiters by storytelling: the STAR method
  • Practice “Illustrating a skill by telling a story”: individual preparation, presentation in small groups, feedback in plenum

Conclusion: collective debrief

Course in English
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During their job search, PhD-holders need to talk about their research experience and skills. The skills they have developed, are also transferable to non-academic research, as well as to jobs in other sectors. To ensure pertinent, easy-to-understand and effective presentations during the job search process, PhD holders must first have analysed their own experience in depth and then practice their communication.

This workshop gives participants the opportunity to step back to analyse their experience. It offers them the perspective needed to promote their roles and responsibilities in the research projects they have been involved in and helps them identify and highlight their achievements and skills.

Practical Informations

Practical Informations

From 9am to 5pm in Amphi Burg

Selection result
April 12, 2023
There is no registration fee for this course
Institut Curie - Amphithéâtre Burg
12 rue Lhomond
75005, Paris - France

Maximum Number of Participants

15 people

Number of Participants

15 participants

Selection Criteria

This course is for Institut Curie's staff only.



Association Bernard Gregory (ABG)


Organized in the frame of the EuReCa PhD Program