February 25th
Medical and paramedical course

Soirée Claudius chez Marie

Cancer genetics: an exercise that crosses multiple domains

The Soirées Claudius chez Marie provide an opportunity for researchers and care professionals of the Institut Curie to meet and exchange over a convivial buffet.

For the first event of the 2020 season of the Soirées Claudius chez Marie we are delighted to announce that the speaker will be Prof. Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet, who heads up the Department of Genetics at Institut Curie, on "Cancer genetics: an exercise that crosses multiple domains.".

Physician Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet is a professor of genetics at Paris Descartes University and heads up the Department of Genetics at Institut Curie. She sits on the Oncogenetics Board of the French National Cancer Institute (INCa). 

Prof. Stoppa-Lyonnet specializes in the diagnosis of predisposition to cancer, particularly breast and ovarian cancer. She works in clinical genetics and in the laboratory, where her research focuses on rare DNA repair disorders and the genetic epidemiology of predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer, as well as the treatment of women at high risk of these cancers. She played a key role in opposing the patents of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes awarded by the European Patent Office.

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