October 24th
October 28th
International course


3rd advanced course

The possibility to control at specific time and places the activity of biomolecules is opening up new opportunities in the study of physiological processes at the single cell level in a live organism.

This course will present the requirement for non-invasive optical methods and the development of multi-photon microscopy to control and record biomolecules activity. The course will address how optogenetic tools can be used to record physiological process (sensor) or to control protein activity (actuators).

These techniques at the interface between advanced microscopy, genetics and physics are of interests to numerous research groups at Institut Curie.

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There is no registration fee for this course

but journey and accommodation are at participants' expenses.

Institut Curie Paris
Institut Curie
13 rue Pierre & Marie Curie
75005 Paris
Amphithéâtre BDD
Amphithéâtre Marie Curie

Maximum Number of Participants

60 people



Filippo Del Bene (Institut Curie) & Sophie Vriz (Université Paris Diderot)