October 21st
Career Development Course

Networking for career success: mastering in-person interactions

Networking for career success: mastering in-person interactions

Networking has always been a controversial topic for the academic community. Many researchers think that you have to be extroverted to network well. This masterclass will dispel this myth and others to enable participants to network with authenticity and integrity.

Participants will learn how to prepare for networking, what to do in an event or conference and how to turn one-off conversations into a lasting professional relationship. The facilitator uses role play and practical sessions to make the lessons come to life.


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The aim of this masterclass is to give attendees the skills and confidence to proactively build their professional network. ‘Networking for career success’ will enable participants to network with skill whilst maintaining their own unique voice.


Learning outcomes:

At the end of the masterclass, you will understand:

  • How to effectively get your message across in academic environments (e.g. conferences, meetings, etc).
  • How good body language can reinforce your message.
  • Others’ body language and what it can reveal.
  • How to deliver a confident elevator pitch.
  • How to approach a senior person in a professional manner.
  • A proactive approach to networking.
  • How to reinforce and retain contacts.
  • How to troubleshoot common networking issues.

Practical Informations

Practical Informations

Room Chez Marie

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There is no registration fee for this course
12 Rue Lhomond, Salle Chez Marie, 75005 Paris
Salle Chez Marie, 10h00 - 12h30

Maximum Number of Participants

20 people

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Colby Benary

About Colby:

Colby Benari is an experience facilitator and public speaker. She draws on her years of experience in academia an aligned organisations to develop engaging and innovative masterclasses that build researchers’ careers.

Colby is Head of the Academic Careers Office at University College London with responsibility for delivering targeted support for UCL’s 11,000 early career scientists. Colby has over ten years of experience supporting biomedical researchers to find mentors, win funding and develop their careers in academia and industry. Colby has previously developed research funding schemes and mentoring programmes for Cancer Research UK and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences.

In addition to her experience in academia, Colby has run a fintech business since 2011. Solvency II Wire Ltd is a news and analysis website and database tool that serves the EU insurance industry. This profitable bootstrapped company supports a small staff and is a leading voice in EU insurance regulation.

Colby is also dedicated to the charity sector and is a Trustee for the Obesity Empowerment Network UK and the McPin Foundation, which aims to give people with lived experience of mental health issues an active role in medical research.

Keynote speakers

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