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April 4th
Career Development Course

Interviewing skills for grant applications

Focus on funding applications and the job search

Many scientists worry that they lack charisma for public speaking. After an interview for a competitive position, researchers reflect that their presentation was too nervous and their responses in the Q&A session sabotaged their chances of success. Yet if handled correctly the interview can be a life-long memory of triumph.

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In this course, you will learn how to:

  1. Highlight the advantages of your work and make your messages more memorable.
  2. Target both experts and non-experts, and help distracted, tired listeners.
  3. Anticipate the typical questions you are likely to be asked and prepare strategic answers.
  4. Learn how to neutralize unpleasant remarks and aggressive behaviour from panel members.
  5. Use technology, body language, your posture, and your voice effectively.

Note: you will be expected to contribute by asking questions following the presentations of several colleagues, and to offer a constrictive critique of their performance.

Please download the attached PDF for details of the programme and the instructor’s profile.


Personal Work

What to prepare: 5-min talk about your current research or next proposal, with 5-6 slides max.

Practical Informations

Practical Informations

Duration and format: 1 April, Introductory workshop: 13:30-17:30; 4 April, Practice sessions: 9:00-17:00, with 2-hour mock interview sessions held in a mini-group of 3-5 participants.

Mock interviews format: 5-min talk, 5-7 min Q&A, and 10 min for debriefing, including (1) brief self-assessment; (2) feedback from the group; (3) final comments from the instructor. The small group reduces time spent watching other talks while providing optimal peer feedback.

What to prepare: 5-min talk about your current research or next proposal, with 5-6 slides max.

Location: Annexes BDD 1 & 2


Selection result
25 March
There is no registration fee for this course
Annexes BDD 1 & 2
Annexes BDD 1 & 2
11-13 Rue Pierre Marie Curie
75005 Paris

Maximum Number of Participants

20 people

Number of Participants


Selection Criteria

Target groups: (1) applicants to national or EU funding agencies which require an oral interview; (2) applicants for competitive research jobs; (3) anyone who wishes to upgrade their presentation skills in preparation for conference talks or the doctoral defence.

Selection: First-come, first-served, priority to researchers who are planning to apply to a grant in the foreseeable future




Julia Staykova (Scriptorium Consulting)