December 9th
December 20th
International course

Inter-Individual variability of radiation-sensibility

Mechanisms and Biomarkers

The course will present the current knowledge on cellular and molecular responses to radiation exposure and how this can be exploited to identify biomarkers for use in molecular epidemiology studies.

Course in English



During the first week, we will review the molecular consequences of low dose and dose rate exposures to ionising radiation from the generation of oxidative stress and damage at the macromolecular level to long term consequences such as increased cancer risk, with the over-arching theme of individual susceptibility. How mechanistic knowledge can be integrated into molecular epidemiological studies and used to assess individual variation in susceptibility will be presented.

In the second week, students will participate in laboratory sessions on DNA extraction and genotyping techniques, the measurement of DNA repair activity using novel CHIP technology, and the quantification of DNA and protein adducts using different techniques including flow cytometry

Personal Work

DNA repair tests, repair biochips, FACS & genotyping analyses

Practical Informations

There is no registration fee for this course
December 9 - 20, 2013: Lecture sessions held at Institut Curie, Paris
December 16 - 20, 2013: Practical sessions at CEA, near Paris



Janet Hall
Sylvie Chevillard
François Leteurtre