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Drawing for life and medical sciences Poster
Career Development Course

Drawing for life and medical sciences

Everything starts with a sketch

Drawing can be used in scientific communication, either between colleagues or with the general public!

This 1,5 day workshop is a great opportunity to change your view on the graphic representation of biological phenomena: the main idea is that a simple sketch can sometimes provide more appropriate information than a perfectly “clean” vector graphic, especially at early stage of a conception process.

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During the first afternoon, we will practice simple stroke exercises with pencil, charcoal and black stone. Working with simple geometric shape will allow us to address basic properties of perspective, while working with free forms will help us find enough ability for sketching a cell or a molecule.

During the second day, we will address fundamental aspects of the representation of living structures, at different scales and abstraction levels. Participants will be invited to bring topics and images from their own research field. On this basis, we will experiment how an existing documentation can be used and questioned to conceive a new representation.

Finally, we will discuss how this work can be continued in autonomy.

Practical Informations

Practical Informations

Paper and tools will be provided; each participant is free to bring his/her preferred tools. 

Selection result
February 15, 2023
There is no registration fee for this course
Institut Curie - Bâtiment de Biologie du Développement - Annexes
11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75248 Paris cedex 05

Maximum Number of Participants

12 people

Number of Participants

12 participants

Selection Criteria

This course is for Institut Curie's staff only.

No previous experience in drawing is necessary. 

Participants who already followed a training in scientific drawing are also welcome to consolidate their practice.



The tutor Renaud Chabrier is an author, drawer, film director and researcher. He creates illustrations for scientific publications as well as books for the general public, and he contributed to many exhibitions in science museums. Since 2017, he has been triggering new initiatives for the development of drawing in science, involving Institut Curie, National Natural History Museum or Ecole Polytechnique. With his advice, you will be able to improve your drawing abilities!


  • Advanced Training Office - Institut Curie