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International course

Development & Cancer

3rd Course "From Pigment Cell Development to Melanomas"

The course presents the current knowledge in neural crest and melanocytes development as well as how melanocytes undergo tumor progression in adults. It ends with presentation of the most up-to-date therapeutical strategies.

In humans, pigment cells comprise the neural crest-derived melanocytes and the pigmented retina cells. Tumor transformation in both cell types results in cutaneous or uveal melanomas, two usually aggressive and hard-to-treat tumour types. This course will address the development, the differentiation and the migratory behaviour of melanocytes in embryos and melanoma formation and metastasis in adults. Focus will be made on cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling these processes. The course will then address how advanced imaging technologies, systems biology, and in vivo approaches have progressed in melanoma understanding in the last few years. Finally, some directions for therapeutic approaches will be developped.
In the practical part of this course, the notions developped in the seminars and courses will be illustrated by in vivo manipulations in embryos and in vitro cellular manipulation, both followed by advanced imaging analysis.

Course in English



To provide an up-to-date landscape on melanocyte biology, for master and doctoral students as well as for researchers.

Personal Work

Practicals: 3 weeks, 5 ECTS, 12 students max,  registered in a French University.

ECTS Information

Seminars : 1 week, 5 ECTS

Practical course : 3 weeks, 5 ECTS

Practical Informations

There is no registration fee for this course

No financial participation is asked for colloquium attendence. (Particular conditions apply for ECTS validation by Université Paris Sud-11 for external students, a 50 euros fee is due to the University for the whole course: please contact the organisers).

Institut Curie Centre de Recherche, Centre Universitaire 91 405 Orsay, France
Université Paris Sud 11, Centre Universitaire, 91405 Orsay, France

Number of Participants

Seminars : 1 week, 30 students

Practical course : 3 weeks, 12 students



Anne. H. Monsoro-Burq, Patrick Pla, Simon Saule
Morgane Locker, Odile Bronchain, Frederic Coquelle


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