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Creativity in Research Workshops : Energy Competence session

In science we get stuck. A lot. It is inherent to our craft, because we are constantly pushing the boundary between known and unknown. But when scientists get stuck they don’t even have the words to describe what they are experiencing, seeing and feeling. When the experiment doesn’t work or a student gets stuck on coming up with innovative research questions or procrastinate on a paper, most students get stressed and even depressed.

We know that when feeling fear and despair our mind narrows down to safe and conservative ways of thinking. And you can not reach your full potential. In order to discover something really new, you need other emotions: comfort mixed with excitement, you need playfulness and hope. But you also need abilities to help you get in the right mindset.

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In this module you will learn what is your natural chronotype, how your energy curve changes throughout the day and how can you best organize your work to maximize deep work. We will discuss energy givers and energy takers and how can we generate more energy in our lives.

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This is a fast paced experiential virtual workshop, where you will work individually and in pairs on concrete challenges you are facing when it comes to managing yourself, dealing with procrastination and the feeling of being stuck. After the first session you will make a commitment to yourself to introduce one new habit and we will review your progress in the follow up session a week later.

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Practical Informations

Practical Informations

Online session: 10/05 // 2-5pm

Debriefing & reflection session: 17/05 // 2-3pm 

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Ulibarri, N., Cravens, A., Svetina Nabergoj, A., Kernbach, S., & Royalty, A. (2019). Creativity in Research: Cultivate Clarity, Be Innovative, and Make Progress in your Research Journey. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108594639

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24 people

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24 participants

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For Institut Curie Staff only.



Anja Svetina Nabergoj (PhD)

Anja Svetina Nabergoj (PhD) is Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana and Lecturer at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University. For the last 10 years she has been developing pedagogy for teaching innovation process and nurturing creative mindsets to management in leading global companies as well as scientists in labs across Stanford campus.