November 4th
November 10th
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Poster Multiscale 2020
International course

Multiscale integration in Biological Systems

4th course

Due to the current covid-19 pandemic, the course is postponed to a future date. We apologize for the inconvenience.

One of the fundamental issues in biology is the understanding of the relationship between the multiple spatial and temporal scales observed in a biological system. From molecules to a cellular function, from a collection of cells to an organism, or from individuals to a population, the complex interactions between singular elements can give rise to “emergent” properties at the ensemble level. To what extent can the spatial and temporal order seen at the system level be explained by subscale properties?

Videos of previous editions of the course can be found HERE

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The course will give an overview of modern physical tools that have been developed to address the issue of scale integration (mornings) and will show how these tools can be applied to specific biological systems (afternoons).

ECTS Information

The course will provide 10 ECTS at some doctoral schools in Paris, e.g. ED PIF and ED FDV

Students or researchers can also apply to the course without receiving ECTS.

Exam & Evaluation

Oral presentations (selected), flash talks and poster presentations (optional).

Research themes



Practical Informations

Practical Informations

The course will be held at Institut Curie, Paris, with adapted sanitary measures due to the current covid-19 pandemic.

The course will be postponed to 2021 if the situation were to deteriorate in Europe by the autumn. 


Audience targetted:

Master students, PhD students and postdocs interested in the interface between physics and biology.


Meals & Trip:

All lunches will be provided by Institut Curie. Participants’ home laboratories are responsible for paying travel and lodging. Institut Curie will pre-booked hotel rooms at preferential rates.



A few fellowships are available upon request.


Selection result
There is no registration fee for this course
Institut Curie – Amphithéâtre Curie
Amphi Marie Curie
11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005, Paris - France

Maximum Number of Participants

30 people

Number of Participants


Selection Criteria

Participants will be selected on the basis of their research interest (CV). Participants will be selected to give a 15 min oral presentation on their work or will have the opportunity to give a flash presentation and a poster.



Frank Jülicher - DE
Wilson Poon - UK
Claude Loverdo - FR
Yannick Rondelez - FR
Guillaume Salbreux - UK
Kinneret Keren - IS
Isabelle Bonnet - FR
Salima Rafai - FR
Mustafa Khammash - CH
Peter Swain - UK
Pascal Hersen - FR
Chlóe-Agathe Azencott - FR
Christophe Zimmer - FR
Cédric Allier - FR
Olivier Colliot - FR
Anne-Florence Bitbol - CH
Guy Bunin - IS
Gilles Charvin - FR
Yolanda Schaerli - CH


Keynote speakers

Jeff Hasty (UCSD) - USA

This list of speakers may still change

Scientific Committee

Mathieu COPPEY, IC, France

Pascal HERSEN, IC, France

Hervé ISAMBERT, IC, France

Pascal MARTIN, IC, France

Pierre SENS, IC, France

Pascal SILBERZAN, IC, France

Aleksandra WALCZAK, ENS, France


Supported by


  • UMR 168 - Physical Chemistry