March 11th
Career Development Course

Career Development Workshop

Mars 2017

This career Development workshop is a unique opportunity for participants, PhD students and young postdocs, to discuss their career objectives with speakers who, after earning a PhD in biology, chose various career paths leading them away from the bench (education, industry, science communication and management, etc…). The workshop is organized in short round-tables, where participants and invited speakers will exchange in an informal way. 

Each participant should have the opportunity to discuss with at least 7 speakers.

Course in English

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Career development workshop

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There is no registration fee for this course
Institut Curie Paris
Institut Curie Paris
25 rue d'Ulm,
1er étage
75005 Paris



This event is one of the “Epi-workshops” organized by the students and postdocs of the UMR3664 along with the Curie International Course of Epigenetics.


  • UMR 3664 - Nuclear Dynamics