PhD for MDs & PharmDs

In 2020, Institut Curie will fund 1 PhD scholarship for MDs, PharmDs, or other Healthcare professionals

Candidates should contact research teams to develop a project proposal.

Upon selection by the future supervisor, candidates will submit their application online. The call will open on April 16, 2020. Please click here to submit your application.


- Candidates must have finished medical school and be engaged in medical training (either residency or fellowship)

- Candidates must hold an MSc degree or an equivalent university degree of at least 5 years duration (equivalent to a MSc degree).

The scientific project may be a medico-scientific project, conceived together by a scientist and a clinician of Institut Curie, however this is not mandatory.

Requested documents

The candidate should provide in collaboration with her/his future supervisor:

  • A letter of motivation for the project (one page, in english)
  • A CV
  • University grade transcripts.
  • MD diploma and medical speciality diploma (if already awarded)
  • M2 diploma
  • Acceptance letter from the Doctoral School or a copy of the invitation to an audition by the Doctoral School jury. If neither is available upon sumission, proof of acceptance by the dotcoral school will be requested prior to the contract signature
  • 2 letters of recommendation from previous supervisors, (MDs or researchers)
  • A summary of the thesis project (max 3 pages, in english)
  • A list of the most important publications / patents of the future supervisor for the past five years
  • An acceptance letter from the hosting lab director, including the type of interview conducted with the candidate (meeting, phone, etc.)
  • An acceptance letter of the clinician partner of the project, if applicable

Application deadline

June 15, 2020.


A scientific committee will select the candidates based upon their application, their previous academic performance and the scientific potential of both the candidate and the host laboratory.

Notification of funding results will be provided to the proposed host laboratories by end of July 2020.

Additional information

  • Duration: The thesis contract is for a period of three years.
  • Stipend: The monthly gross salary will take into account the career stage of the applicant. Selected candidates will receive private health insurance, in addition to social security entitlements.
  • Supervision of the thesis: In addition to her/his thesis supervisor, each student will be assigned a tutor by the program committee. Every student will also benefit from an annual progress meeting with her/his thesis committee.
  • Thesis committee: The student will be supervised by a tutor (chosen jointly by the student, thesis supervisor, the doctoral school and the training unit coordinator of her/his unit). This tutor, appointed as soon as the student arrives, is a scientist who will be responsible for following the progress of the student’s doctoral training. She/he will participate in the annual progress meeting and guide the student throughout her/his PhD.
  • Training: The candidate will be enrolled at a doctoral school to which her/his hosting lab is affiliated. Hard and soft skills courses will be offered by the doctoral school and Institut Curie.
  • Accommodation: International laureates can apply for accommodation at one of the halls of residence located at the «Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris» (monthly rent: 600-700€).
  • Start of thesis contracts: November 2, 2020.



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