September 15th
People at a conference P2i In Action

P2I In Action: Improve your entrepreneurship awareness

The event P2I IN ACTION is a unique opportunity for PhD Students and Postdocs to learn how to articulate the why, how, and what of your research or business idea using frameworks and tools from the entrepreneurial world.

The event, P2I IN ACTION, will take place in Obergurgl, Austria, from 21-23 November 2023.

P2I In Action workshop will immerse participants in the core concepts of entrepreneurship. This includes understanding customer or user centricity, identifying problem-solution fit, developing a value proposition, and conceptualizing the impact business model.

Emphasis will be placed on understanding how your idea qualifies as a solution for stakeholders' problems and contributes value to society and the environment. Techniques of storytelling will be taught, which are essential for engaging stakeholders outside your immediate research field, such as Translational Research Coordinators, Technology Transfer Offices, Incubators, Accelerators, and Grant Managers at Research Funding Bodies.

Structured guidance will be provided during the workshop to boost your confidence in presenting and developing your ideas. An introduction to common questions encountered in business meetings will also be provided.

After the event, you have the opportunity to use the knowledge and tools to develop your own research/business value proposition. You will be invited to submit your work for feedback and to continue the conversation with experts at p2i partners.

This workshop is designed for researchers across all disciplines, aiming to build transferable skills for careers inside and outside academia, including entrepreneurship.

At some point you will have to convince someone either to fund your research, employ you or fund your start up – prepare yourself.

The application deadline is midday UK time on 4 October 2023.

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PSL University is part of the Postdocs to Innovators network, dedicated to enhancing entrepreneurship awareness among early-career researchers. In collaboration with partner institutions such as the University of Cambridge, Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Innsbruck, Edinburgh University, AstraZeneca, and bp, an event has been organized specifically for postdocs and doctoral students.