December 1st
Advanced Biology Course on Rare diseases

ABCR Advanced Biology Course on Rare diseases

As part of the Graduate Program in Life Sciences, PSL organises a new course in 2023, entitled “ABCR: Advanced Biology Course on Rare diseases”.

This course is open to all life-science students at PSL (matriculated in a degree-granting course or working in a PSL laboratory). It is also designed for Masters' students in their second year of study and PhD students (whatever the doctoral schools), and some space is also available for post-docs and young scientists.

Course objectives and description

Aims : The objective of this course is to familiarize students/researchers with the definitions, the notions in genetics, and the diagnostic, ethical and medico-economic issues relevant to this class of disease. The course will demonstrate how a continuum of research, from basic to clinical and translational, allows scientists to answer questions related to human health by studying rare diseases, in particular genetic diseases with or without predisposition to cancer. 
Themes : Rare diseases affect a limited number of persons, and it is this rarity that raises specific problems. While almost all genetic diseases are rare diseases, not all rare diseases are genetic. This term also includes very rare infectious diseases, auto-immune diseases, and rare cancers.
Organization : The speaker will give an introduction for non-specialists, followed by a 40 min-long conference-level presentation. The talk will be followed by a discussion session, around an article presentation by a student.

The deadline for registration is December 15, 2022.
Limited space available.

Selection to the course will be based on CV and motivation letter.

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