June 2nd
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Career Development Course

Workshop on Failure

Fail again, fail better

Failure is one of the loyal companions for many successful people, but not everyone knows how to befriend failure and make it work to their advantage. In fact, a career of being a scientist could start with a failed experiment. Unlike any other profession, being a scientist requires the ability to combine successful results with failures and mistakes. As we experience failure, it becomes a familiar feeling throughout our path to success, but fear of failure, as well as fear of success, can be a serious threat within the obstacle course any scientist must go. Despite the longstanding negative vision of failure, it can be a powerful driver for professional and personal growth. 


Workshop Outline 


  • Defining failure  

  • CV of failures 

  • Taxonomy of failure 

  • Growth mindset 

  • Failure in the context of science 

  • Pros and cons of talking about failure  

  • Failure as part of the experience of doing science 

Activity in pair or small groups 


Course in English
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  1. To understand the taxonomy of failure and growth mindset
  2. To create your own CV of failure
  3. To declutter the fear of failures and exploit them to work at your benefit 

Practical Informations

Practical Informations

The workshop will be held on Microsoft Teams

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May 28, 2022
There is no registration fee for this course
Via Microsoft Teams

Maximum Number of Participants

30 people

Number of Participants

30 participants

Selection Criteria

First come, first served



In this 3-hour workshop, Melanie Stephan and Ariel Phillips will dissect all about failures, help you exploit the failures, and make them work to your advantage. Melanie Stephan is a computational biologist known for "the CV of failure" (https://www.nature.com/articles/nj7322-467a) Ariel Phillips is a counselor/psychologist at Harvard's Bureau of Study Counsel known for "the Success-Failure-Resilience workshop." 


Organized by Eka Putra Gusti Ngurah Putu (Raheka), PhD student


  • Training Unit - Institut Curie