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International course

SIREDO Course on AYA Sarcomas

From Biology to the Clinic

The biology and pathology of sarcomas will be discussed with an emphasis on classification, prognosis, and treatment strategies. European and international directives for patient’s management and care will be reviewed.

The success of the course will rely on the active contribution of the participants who are expected to engage in all the events organized, including the presentation and review of key articles or specific clinical cases/reports during the interactive sessions.

Course in English
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The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the recent findings and challenges yet to overcome in adolescent and young adults bone and soft tissue sarcomas: from biological characteristics to patient care.

Practical Informations

Practical Informations

The course will be validated by 32 hours of formation for Master 2 and PhD students by Paris Saclay university – ED418 (10 seats)

Selection result
10 November 2018
There is no registration fee for this course

Pas de frais d'inscription.

Bâtiment de Biologie du Développement
11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris - France

Maximum Number of Participants

40 people

Number of Participants

30 to 40 people.

Selection Criteria

Participants selection will be based on their application file which should include:

- A CV (max. 1 page)

- A brief description of their scientific topic / medical activity

- A short paragraph explaining their motivation to attend the course and their expectations

- The name, affiliation and institutional contact of a scientific or medical referee



Isabelle AERTS - Institut Curie, Paris (FR)
Jean-Yves BLAY - Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon (FR)
Sylvie BONVALOT - Institut Curie (FR)
Hervé BRISSE - Institut Curie (FR)
Laurence BRUGIERES - Institut Gustave Roussy (FR)
Edmund CHEESMAN - Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS (UK)
Fréderic CHIBON - CRCT, Toulouse (FR)
Olivier DELATTRE - Institut Curie (FR)
Andrea FERRARI - Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nationale dei Tumori, Milano (IT)
Nathalie GASPAR - Institut Gustave Roussy (FR)
François GOUIN - CHU de Nantes (FR)
Sylvie HELFRE - Institut Curie (FR)
Nina JEHANNO - Institut Curie (FR)
Michèle KIND - Institut Bergonie, Bordeaux (FR)
Marc LADANYI - Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center (USA)
Frédérique LAROUSSERIE - Hôpital Cochin, Paris (FR)
Axel LE CESNE - Institut Gustave Roussy (FR)
François LE LOARER - Institut Bergonie, Bordeaux (FR)
Daniel ORBACH - Institut Curie, Paris (FR)
Gaelle PIERRON - Institut Curie, Paris (FR)
Sophie PIPERNO-NEUMANN - Institut Curie (FR)
Cristina R. ANTONESCU - Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center (USA)
Françoise REDINI - Université de Nantes (FR)
Fabrizia STAVRU - Institut Pasteur (FR)
Didier SURDEZ - Institut Curie (FR)
Maud TOULMONDE - Institut Bergonié (FR)
Andreas VON DEIMLING - University of Heidelberg (GE)
Joshua WATERFALL - Institut Curie (FR)
Sarah WATSON - Institut Curie (FR)

Keynote speakers

This list of speakers may still change


Olivier DELATTRE: Institut Curie, Centre d'oncologie SIREDO - INSERM U830
Valérie LAURENCE: Institut Curie, Centre d'oncologie SIREDO et Département d'Oncologie
Daniel ORBACH: Institut Curie, Centre d'oncologie SIREDO
François DOZ : Institut Curie, Centre d'oncologie SIREDO
Sophie PIPERNO-NEUMANN: Institut Curie – Département d'Oncologie Médicale
Sandy AZZI-HATEM: Centre d'oncologie SIREDO

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