November 6th
June 30th
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The first session will take place on November 6
International course

Raising awareness on History, Epistemology and Ethics of Science

For the 5th year in a row, the PSL Doctoral College offers PhD students from PSL and the doctoral school CdV, courses aiming at “Raising Awareness on History, Epistemology and Ethics of Science“.

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This module aims to better understand the nature of scientific knowledge, to appreciate their place in our societies, and to discern ethical issues related to both the development of this knowledge and its application.

Such a training, associating philosophical reflection, historical studies and discussions on the ethical issues of scientific knowledge, has become indispensable to all those who will work tomorrow in research or, more generally, in all the professions related to it. It will enable you not only to improve your researcher’s approach but also to develop a civic awareness on these issues, and to be better prepared for dialogue with society.

Some of the past courses can be watched here: https://collegedoctoral.psl.eu/en/student-life-and-dissertation-valorisation/online-courses/raising-awareness-on-history-epistemology-and-ethics-of-science-topics/



Practical Informations

Practical Informations

The first session will take place on November 6, followed by 12 2-hour sessions spread from November to June. The first sessions will be by video-conference. Depending on the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic, we hope to have classroom sessions later.

There is no registration fee for this course

Selection Criteria

This course is open to all PhD students at PSL university and to "Complexité du Vivant" PhD students.



Angela Taddei (Institut Curie)

Anne-Sophie Godfroy (ENS, UPEC)


  • UMR 3664 - Nuclear Dynamics