December 12th
December 15th
International course

On Cell Shape Changes

3rd course

This course focuses on the cell shape changes that occur during cell motility and embryonic development, with an emphasis on the physical mechanisms involved in these biological processes. Lecturers and participants will be both physicits and biologists. Conferences will be in English.

Course in English


Personal work

Thursday Dec 15th afternoon, participants will be broken into small groups for visits of the Institut Curie Laboratories (cell biology, physics, developmental biology)

Each participant will give a 15 minute oral presentation of his/her work in addition to a poster presentation.

University credits (ECTS)

 For PhD students, successful completion of the course can count toward training hours (3ECTS or 20 hours) for French graduate schools such as "Complexité du Vivant" and "Frontières du Vivant".

Practical information

There is no registration fee for this course

Lunches Monday-Thursday as well as dinner on Monday an buffet dinner on Thursday will be provided by the Institut Curie. For those who need it, lodging in double rooms will be provided and funded by Institut Curie for the 5 nights (Sunday December 11th-Thursday December 15th 2011). Participants' home laboratories are responsible for paying for travel.

Campus de l'Institut Curie 26, rue d'Ulm - 75005 Paris

Max. number of

25 people


25 participants will be selected among young post-docs and PhD students of all nationalities on the basis of research interests and motivation statement.



Cell biology
Developmental Biology

List of lecturers and tentative course subjects:
• Yohanns Bellaiche (Institut Curie, France) Cell polarity and epithelial morphogenesis
• Pierre Sens (ESPCI, France)  Membrane mechanics
• Ewa Paluch (MPI, Germany)  Actin cortex and cell shape
• Edwin Munro (University of Chicago, USA)  Dynamics of tissue morphogenesis
• Erez Raz (ZMBE, Germany) Cell migration in vivo
• Daniel Fletcher (UC Berkeley, USA)  Actin cytoskeleton mechanics
• Sonia Garel (ENS, France)  Cell migration in brain developement


Cécile Sykes et Julie Plastino


  • Training Unit - Institut Curie