November 13th
November 18th
International course

Multiscale integration in Biological Systems

Physical description of biological systems, from the single molecule to organisms.


One of the fundamental issues in biology is the understanding of the relationship between the multiple spatial and temporal scales observed in a biological system. From molecules to a cellular function, from a collection of cells to an organism, or from individuals to a population, the complex interactions between singular elements can give rise to “emergent” properties at the ensemble level. To what extent can the spatial and temporal order seen at the system level be explained by subscale properties?

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The course will give an overview of modern physical tools that have been developed to address the issue of scale integration (mornings) and will show how these tools can be applied to specific biological systems (afternoons).

Practical Informations

There is no registration fee for this course

All lunches will be provided by Institut Curie. Participants’ home laboratories are responsible for paying travel and lodging. Institut Curie will pre-booked hotel rooms at preferential rates. A few fellowships will be available upon request and granted to the best presentations.


Institut Curie - Paris



Mathieu Coppey, Maxime Dahan, Hervé Isambert, Pascal Martin, Pascal Silberzan, Aleksandra Walczak

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