January 9th
January 10th
International course

Molecular Biology of the Cell

Cells are the functional units of life and cell biology explores the complex processes that regulate their activity. As such, cell biology is a mix of disciplines that range from computations to imaging living organisms.

Course in English



The aim of this course (theory and practice) of 4 weeks is to attract an international group of students (Master students and youg PhD students) to this research area by bringing together leading scientists for a series of state-of the-art lectures and cutting edge practical sessions that will introduce them to the most recent concepts and challenges in modern cell biology.

Practical information

There is no registration fee for this course

Fellowships (1500 euros each) will be granted to the 3 best applicants from foreign countries to cover, in part, their travel and accommodation expenses.

Campus de l'Institut Pasteur - Paris

Max. number of

20 people



G. Almouzni, S. Amigorena, Y. Bellaiche, P. Downes, R. Bruzzone, P. Chavrier, P. Codogno, P. Cossart, A. Harel-Bellan, V. Doye, S. Etienne-Manneville, L. Johannes, D. Louvard, A. Musacchio, H. Riezman, G. Raposo, R. Rizzuto, E. Sahai, G. Schiavo, O. Schwartz, G. Tran Van Nhieu, D. Vignjevic, J.P. Vincent, M. Way et C. Zurzolo.


Dr Roberto Bruzzone (HKU-Pasteur Research Centre, Hong Kong, SAR China),
Dr Ph. Chavrier (Institut Curie),
Dr Chiara Zurzolo, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Ce cours est organisé conjointement par l’Institut Pasteur et l’Institut Curie.


  • Training Unit - Institut Curie