June 20th
Career Development Course

ERC StG & CoG Course for Future Applicants

1st course

In this half-day workshop we will give participants an overview of the ERC Starting and Consolidator grants, including the ERC objectives, evaluation criteria and selection procedure. We will then cover in detail all the parts of the written proposal (B1, including CV and track record, and B2) and go over how you can address the fundamental elements of the ERC in your proposal: ground-breaking nature and ambition, high-risk/high gain nature and feasibilty. Finally, we will benefit from the perspective of an ERC panel member to provide participants with important insight into the inner workings of an ERC evaluation panel.

Dr. Cristina Bartocci is the scientific writer at Institut Curie. She provides extensive, personalized support in grant application to PIs at the Institute, from the first steps of establishing clear project objectives to multiple revisions of the application and preparation for interviews when required. Her main focus is on helping junior PIs in their first grant applications, on European Research Council (ERC) grants and on collaborative grant proposals involving multiple teams at the Institute or several research institutes.

For inscription, please send an email to Cristina.Bartocci [at] curie.fr with Training.Unit [at] curie.fr in copy.

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By the end of this session, participants will be able to understand:
•    the ERC evaluation criteria and how to analyse them
•    the ERC panels and how to choose the right one
•    how to write a competitive ERC proposal with the above elements in mind

In addition, Dr. Danijela Vignjevic will give her testimonial as an ERC grantee/panel member important insight into the inner workings of an ERC evaluation panel.

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187 Rue St Jacques
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Dr. Cristina Bartocci


Dr. Cristina Bartocci


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