Train at Institut Curie

Education is one of Institut Curie’s three priorities with patient care and oncology research.

Institut Curie is involved in education through training for various audiences (students in master programs, PhD students, post-docs, researchers, medical students, residents/DES students, physicians, nurses, physicists) and organized throughout the year in collaboration with researchers and physicians.

Whether you’re a student, an engineer, a researcher, a nurse or a physician or physicist, our courses and lectures are open to you! To view them or to register, click here.

2nd and 3rd cycle courses

The 2nd and 3rd cycle courses are anchored in the main oncology related themes of the institute, with topics ranging from basic biology to clinical applications (e.g. Adolescents and Young Adults Sarcomas; Non-Coding Genome; Epigenetics: Physics of the Nucleus; Breast Cancer: From Clinics to Biology; Computational Systems Biology: from Stem Cells to Morphogenesis; Pigment Cell Development and Melanomas). They are intended mainly for M2 students, PhD fellow, post-docs, medical students.

Most of these courses are accredited by one or more partner universities as master modules or for PhD training through ECTS credits (3 to 12 ECTS per course). Lectures are given by Institut Curie researchers and by internationally-renowned scientists and physicians who present their latest findings.

Career development courses

There are three categories:

  • The technical courses aim to present the state-of-the-art tools and technologies developed by our platforms and to promote and perfect their use (bioinformatics and biostatistics, mass spectrometry, cytometry, Fiji)
  • “Soft skills” courses encourage the development of skills in research-related fields (such as communication, advanced language training and intellectual property).
  • The career development workshops promote meetings with professionals from a variety of backgrounds to discuss career options and opportunities.

Medical and paramedical courses

Covering a broad range of disciplines, from biology and genetics to chemistry, bioinformatics, physical chemistry, pathology and clinical oncology, the medical and paramedical courses at Institut Curie are organized in partnership with the universities in the Paris region in the form of a DU (university diploma) and DIU (inter-university diploma).