Taking a Master 2

You are a master 1 student and you want to do your Master 2 at Institut Curie? Please find below all information.

Internship in a research team

Each year around fifty master’s program students affiliated with various partner universities do their training within our laboratories. If you are interested in an internship at the Research Center, contact the team of your choice directly and/or consult their offers posted on the partner university sites.


Take advantage of the Master 2 2018 grant program for physicians and pharmacists

Institut Curie, with its Research Center and Hospital Group, is the perfect place to develop the fields of research and treatment.

It makes a significant contribution to interpreting the mechanisms of oncogenesis, to the improved understanding of the role of the host and the tumor environment, to the clarification of personal risk factors for cancer and their links to the environment, as well as to technological developments in imaging and in all areas of therapeutic oncology. All of these fields of clinical research help develop more effective tools for diagnosis, prognosis, treatments and prediction of the response to treatments. Within this framework, training of physicians or future physicians through research is a major consideration for the teams at Institut Curie, who wish to support and take part in this training.

Since 2010, Institut Curie grants have been awarded to Residents or Assistants wishing to do a Master 2 (for those with a Master 1) in a laboratory at the Research Center or the transfer department. These grants are awarded following selection by an expert committee comprising physicians and researchers.

Opening of bids: April 16, 2018

Deadline for applications: May 31, 2018

Application platform (soon available)