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PhD contract and training

PhD contract and training

PhD contract

  • Duration

In accordance with the applicable legal framework, the duration of a PhD contract is 3 years. 



  • Thesis Committees

The selected PhDs will also benefit from thesis committee meetings, usually one per PhD year, according to the rules of the Doctoral School.

A scientist outside the unit, chosen in collaboration with the PIs, will act as external tutor, follow the progress of the PhD project and support each PhD fellow.

A report is drafted and signed by the Thesis Committee. 

  • Training

In addition to the training defined by each Doctoral School, the selected PhDs will benefit from a large training offer proposed by the Advanced Training Office, including international courses and soft skills courses.

All the PhDs will be invited to the annual Graduation Ceremony, usually in December.

  • Diploma

The PhD diploma will be delivered by the relevant universities and Institut Curie will deliver a certificate including additional training organised by the Advanced Training Office.